Cincinnati Bell Divestiture Data Governance Analyst – Cyber Security in Cincinnati, Ohio

Divestiture Data Governance Analyst – Cyber Security

Divestiture Data Governance Analyst – Cyber Security

August 2, 2018


Divestiture Data Governance Analyst – Cyber Security

This position will support our clients divestiture activities, focused primarily on data security and governance. This position will own day-to-day responsibilities surrounding access to client's data throughout a business divestment and execute assurance activities, leveraging various toolsets, to ensure client's data is protected throughout divestiture TSA and handover to the buyer.


Scope includes all existing divestiture deals within the client's business development pipeline, as well new or incoming deals. Data Governance coverage will include architectural reviews and automated scanning of all structured and unstructured data relevant to client's divestiture deals.


  • Learn client's Cyber Security divestiture requirements

  • Operational support of data governance reviews for divestiture activities, including but not limited to: Establishment of a hosting/processing workflow, scheduling and coordination of the appropriate business personnel to participate in reviews, tracking of approved/rejected data elements through data governance.

  • Architectural analysis of all impacted divested environments. Understanding upstream and downstream application flow to drive identification of deal data. Analysis of user access and permission sets within identified applications and to data elements to understand co-mingled client's parent company data.

  • Working with the Sensitive Data Discovery (SDD) engineers to incorporate the new tool-set into standard procedure. Translating divestiture needs and objectives to help fine-tune the new SDD tool.

  • Engagement with the divesting business to understand priority in exporting data elements to buyer environment.

  • Diagnosing risks of shared platforms and co-mingling of client's business data with divested data.

  • Communicate and presentation to leadership on project status, risks, and issues


  • Delivery of a standard hosting, processing, and tracking platform for data elements under review.

  • Proactive engagement with the divested business to ensure expedited progress

  • Delivery of a documented Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for data governance process.

  • Establishment of metrics for report out to Client Program Manager

Desire skill set and experience:

  • Previous experience in application and system architecture (physical, virtual, cloud).

  • Experience in architectural design and understanding complex interfacing systems, from app server to back-end databases, to understand how the data resides in those structures and flows from system to system.

  • Can diagnose design situations where client data is co-mingled or hosted with divestiture business data.

  • Understands system architecture and can solution data isolation, incorporating data segmentation strategies, of the divesting business.

  • Project management experience.